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Creator Spotlight: The Fire These Times

Hey Project Mushroom! This month we'd like to recommend you check out the work of member Joey Ayoub (, who is the founder of the podcast The Fire These Times. Each week, Joey and a team of hosts discuss a wide range of topics with their guests, aiming to "embody values of internationalism from below, intersectional feminism, anti-imperialism from the periphery and anti-fascism."

The highlighted episode of The Fire These Times is "There is Another Way – A Roundtable on Palestine-Israel," which Joey featured in this post on

joey ayoub 🏳️‍🌈 (
Attached: 1 video We’ve released a roundtable on #Israel-#Palestine on The Fire These Times featuring Dana El Kurd, Orly Noy, Yair Wallach, Daniel Voskoboynik and myself. Feedback is always appreciated, just be respectful. (and if you like the pod pls leave a review wherever you listen to your #po…

The Fire These Times accepts financial support through a tiered membership structure on Patreon.

Budget update and Project Mushroom Roles

Voting on our 2024 budget happened in January, with strong support for keeping at least 2 years of reserves for core server expenses. You also voted in favour of providing honoraria for proactive moderation so we can keep being a safer space on the Internet. We will also create and contribute to open-source tools that will help both our moderators and moderators of other Mastodon communities. In an age of vast amounts of AI- and bot-created content, we believe that thoughtful moderation and online communities with intentional values will become even more important.

We also approved budget for a new logo and visual identity, which we are excited to roll out over the coming months as we create an identity separate from our former parent company.

Take a look at our Volunteer Roles page on the Wiki, which describes who's doing what here at Project Mushroom. We're always looking for helping hands — let us know if you'd like to get involved somehow. If you're interested in details about the budget, you can find them on our Finances page.

Chanterelle Chatter: Solarpunk edition

We've been seeing lots of people posting with the #solarpunk hashtag — solarpunk, as opposed to cyberpunk, is a cultural movement that envisions a future where we use technology in balance with nature and where we value ecological wisdom over economic growth. It's a refreshing antidote to doomerism, and we love the discussion that's been happening in this space!

Solarpunk Now! posted a video of a talk they gave at a Solarpunk Conference:

Solarpunk Now! (
Attached: 1 image My talk at the Solarpunk Conference last year is now available to watch on YouTube! Watch me,,, and discuss how we get from capitalist realism to a solarpunk reality!…

You can find some #solarpunk book recommendations in this thread by member Merson the Person – and of course you can join the discussion and add your own!

Merson the Person (
Hey #bookstodon - What’s your favorite #speculativefiction book? Don’t say anything by Octavia Butler. (I’ve already read her stuff and loved it all!) Bonus points if it’s got #solarpunk vibes.

And check out this article that member Emma the Curious posted about about growing flowers to clean polluted waterways:

Emma the Curious 🧐 (
Flowers grown on inexpensive floating platforms can help clean polluted waterways, over 12 weeks extracting 52% more phosphorus and 36% more nitrogen than the natural nitrogen cycle removes from untreated water, according to our new research. In addition to filtering water, the cut flowers can gen…

How to get involved in Project Mushroom

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