An Activism Reading Group + Queer Issues in Greece: Project Mushroom's Latest

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A Reading Group for Let This Radicalize You

Project Mushroom member Heather Luna ( is organizing a reading group for the recently-released Let This Radicalize You, with the next event taking place on July 9. If you're interested in participating, just DM Heather on either or!

Heather Luna 🌱 (
Attached: 1 image Starting a biweekly reading group for the book, Let This Radicalise You, on Sunday 9th July at 6pm GMT/UTC (1pm EST, 10am PST). Let me know if you are interested in joining us on zoom!

Let This Radicalize You is written by Kelly Hayes (another Project Mushroom member) and Mariame Kaba. Launched in May, the book is a practical guide for activists and organizers that contains lessons from their own experience, as well as the experiences of other organizers.

Puff the Magic Hater (
Attached: 3 images There were about 85 people at the in-person launch for Let This Radicalize You in Chicago yesterday. We ate, we drank, we rocked out to good music, and my heart is just so full after seeing so many beloved friends and co-strugglers. Thank you for celebrating with me. If you don’t…

If you've been reading the book, join the conversation on the Project Mushroom servers and post your thoughts on it!

Queerwashing Political Parties in Greece

Project Mushroom member Violet Metalmark recently posted a thread on recounting her experience at a debate among political parties in Greece on LGBT issues, ostensibly a state-sponsored Pride event. Violet is an undergrad studying climatology and meteorology, and is one of the community volunteers helping to run Project Mushroom. You can read her story by logging into either your or account, and then clicking on one of the following links (content warning for racism, lgbt-phobia, and death):

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