Warmly, Zaria + Rewiring America: Project Mushroom latest

Warmly, Zaria + Rewiring America: Project Mushroom latest

In partnership with Rewiring America

In partnership with Rewiring America

Warmly, Zaria + Rewiring: Project Mushroom latest

Hey shroomies!

Dear Zaria: Should I have kids during a climate crisis?
Given our current climate emergency, I am struggling with the idea of having children in the future. How do I navigate this, and what are your thoughts on bringing more children into this uncertain world? Today I set out to answer one of the most critical and pressing questions of

Warmly, Zaria is one of Project Mushroom’s sister newsletters. Zaria, who has expertise both in mental health and climate, thoughtfully responds to readers' questions surrounding how to navigate personal mental health, community, and more as we collectively learn how to cope while living through the climate crisis.

Recently Zaria responded to a question that has been asked in many forms over again — “Should I have kids during a climate crisis?”

Zaria leaves us with this:

“If you choose to have children, being an emotionally available and present parent is more valuable than constantly worrying about making the correct decisions or doing the “right” thing.”

You can read her full response here, submit your own climate/mental health-related questions here and subscribe to Warmly, Zaria here.

—Abbie Veitch

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