Your three-step plan to leave Twitter (in less than 5 min)

Your three-step plan to leave Twitter (in less than 5 min)

Project Mushroom exists to help us take back power from the billionaires — and collectively build an ecosystem of creators working together for justice.

To make that dream happen, we're asking everyone reading this email to do a few steps to help accelerate Project Mushroom today:

Step 1: Sign up for a Project Mushroom account:

This link will get you into Project Mushroom immediately. No more waitlists.

This button will take you directly to the signup page for Project Mushroom. It takes less than two minutes:

Step 2: Invite all your followers:

Elon has banned direct Mastodon links, but he hasn't banned Project Mushroom yet. Your help spreading the word about Project Mushroom will grow our movement, find our people, re-gather us together in a space that's truly ours, and take back power from the billionaires.

This button is a pre-filled Tweet that will share these three steps with all your Twitter followers once you click OK:

If you have any questions about any of this, or if you get stuck along the way, we have a brand-new help desk that's up and running.

Creating a self-sustaining Project Mushroom 🍄

To keep doing the necessary work to build a justice-centered world, we need organizing platforms that work for marginalized people. Project Mushroom is one of the largest communities on Mastodon that has paid moderation — and our guiding rules are explicitly anti-racist and anti-harassment. We've done all of this because Project Mushroom is guided by our creators — 73% of whom self-identify as BIPOC, femme/non-binary/transgender or marginalized in some way. We are building all of this together.

Project Mushroom's goal is to establish a sustainable, democratically self-funding service for advancing justice work so that we can minimize the influence of large donors, sponsors, and/or advertisers. What we want is for Project Mushroom to have community ownership and community governance — and the best way to do that is through recurring support that we can rely on and build around.

It costs about $2/month per user to operate Project Mushroom (in full transparency, I'm happy to chat with anyone (seriously, email me) to explain how we calculate that!) — so that's our ask of you.

Please contribute $2 per month — or a bit more if you can afford to cover folks who need to opt out — so that we don't have to spend anyone's time and energy on fundraising, and we can just get straight to work building Project Mushroom.

We have big plans and we can't wait to keep making them happen alongside you.

In solidarity,