This is truly an all-or-nothing moment πŸ„

This is truly an all-or-nothing moment πŸ„

I'll be honest with you: There's not a clear path forward for Project Mushroom without Kickstarter funding.

If folks have friends/family that could put $75 into the Project Mushroom Kickstarter, we need 1,000 of those folks and we're there β€” and we'll have a collectively-run resource for safety and transformational change on an overheating planet. πŸ„

Just 3% of the people reading this message could pledge $75 and make Project Mushroom happen. WE'RE THAT CLOSE.

There are 7 days left to give to our Project Mushroom Kickstarter. If we don’t hit our goal of $200,000, according to Kickstarter rules, we’ll get $0 β€” and Project Mushroom will need to go back to the drawing board.

You have a chance to make a difference. This is our time to come together to collectively empower a resource that could help take back power from the billionaires.

In solidarity,