Climate Action + Share your awe: Project Mushroom's latest

Climate Action + Share your awe: Project Mushroom's latest

Climate Action, Every Day

Happy end of March, Shroomies!

My long-time friend and climate activist, @Parents4Planet, cultivates “weekly actions,” that help us keep the climate fight personal and actionable in our daily lives. On day seventy-three now, Parents4Planet has recommended small but vital actions like writing local governments about pollinator pathways or learning how to mend a sweater, rather than buy a new one. Small actions, like rituals, help to remind me that the more immediate change we can make is right where we are.

And sometimes joy can be as simple and clear as curiosity about the everyday life around us.

— Megan Ruttan

Say Awe

In the spirit of everyday awe, I’d love for you to send us what keeps you going on a regular basis, in the form of pictures, of your corner of our beautiful planet. It can be anything — plants, animals, weather (for our team of weather nerds) — that inspires you and feeds your heart.

You can share them with us on Project Mushroom, or e-mail them to me at

I'll start with this picture of my wildflower patch from last year.

— Megan Ruttan

How to get involved in Project Mushroom:

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