Early marriage and climate + NY Cares: Project Mushroom Latest

Early marriage and climate + NY Cares: Project Mushroom Latest

“Marriage becomes a form of climate adaptation”

Early marriage has become climate adaptation in South Asia, says Founder of Climate Brides Project
Early marriage is a crisis in South Asia and is worsened with climate change. Severe weather events impact women disproportionately.

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This week in our sister publication, Currently, Anna Abraham interviewed Reetika Subramanian about her work linking severe weather-prone regions in South Asia and child marriage.

Money made via sex trafficking and marriage dowries are resources for desperate, climate-impacted families. These are “marriages of survival” according to Subramanian’s organization Climate Brides initiative.

Climate justice is gender justice is racial justice. Read the interview here.

— Megan Ruttan

How to get involved in Project Mushroom 🍄

Want to join Project Mushroom’s Mastodon project? Project Mushroom is the largest climate focused Mastodon project to date. If you’re getting this newsletter, it means you're already tuned in, but if you're not in the space yet, you can click here for an in depth user guide on how to get started on Mastodon.

New York Cares (Really)

This week’s volunteer and mutual aid opportunity comes from Katie Baldauf, Currently’s Director of Growth and Marketing and all-around lovely human. If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity in New York, she recommends New York Cares, a community-focused support organization. They have many different volunteering and mutual aid opportunities in every borough every week.

New Yorkers can also subscribe to daily weather updates from local Stacy Blundell with Currently’s NYC newsletter. Weather information helps us live alongside the climate emergency, folks!

— Megan Ruttan

What you can do!

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Their flagship ‘Learning for Action’ program is a 12-week transformational, cohort-based online program that allows you to deep-dive into the entirety of the climate landscape. Understand the complexities in science, economics, policy, & climate justice, and start taking action by discovering climate solutions that need your skills.

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