IPCC breakdown + Third Act: Project Mushroom latest

IPCC breakdown + Third Act: Project Mushroom latest

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The IPCC’s summary for policymakers came out this last week, followed very quickly by a rush of all the climate feels from everyone who cares (and that’s a lot of people).

I spoke to Ketan Joshi, author of Windfall and renewable energy analyst out of Oslo, Norway. Ketan’s Twitter breakdown of the IPCC summaries are sharp and easy to digest so I had a chat with him. We spoke about what’s in the new synthesis report, how it’s different than the previous ones, and what people on the ground can really use from it.

You can read our Q&A here.

— Megan Ruttan

Chat with Ketan Joshi on the latest IPCC
Chat with Ketan Joshi, about the latest AR6th IPCC report highlights.

Never Too Late For Climate Action - Third Act

Bill McKibben’s Third Act was out in force after the release of the IPCC report, staging direct action against banks across America. Third Act is an organization for older Americans looking to leverage their experience and resources for action on climate.

These activists, having benefited from a stable climate and less chaotic world, act in solidarity with their younger counterparts who will suffer the brunt of the climate crisis.

You can join Third Act or donate here.

— Megan Ruttan

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