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Micah Herskind sat down with our Director of Community Engagement and Organizing, Meg Ruttan, to talk about abolition, climate justice, and how they come together around the “Cop City” proposed by police services in Atlanta.

Herskind is an abolition activist and organizer who advocates in Project Mushroom and Spore. He lives in Atlanta where, on January 18th, forest defender Tortuguita was murdered by police as they raided an encampment resisting the development of “Cop City.”

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Way to mutual aid:

Land defender Tortuguita was murdered by the police while protecting the Weelaunee Forest. Their family is asking for supportive funds in the aftermath of their tragic loss so that they can cover funeral expenses as well as travel expenses so the family can be together.

You can donate to Tortuguita’s family GoFundMe here

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Broccoli, a publisher and creator of books, creative projects, and a playful, yet informed newsletter outlining a new perspective on cannabis culture, published a Mushroom People special edition magazine, an issue centered on all things mushroom.

What is a mushroom? What do they do? What do they want? How can we give it to them? Mycophiles, fungi enthusiasts, scientists, writers, and artists from around the world explore these questions, resulting in a love letter to all types of mushrooms — from healing to toxic, toadstools to jelly fungi.

You can buy it here.

—Aarohi Sheth

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