Project Mushroom "help me leave Twitter" automated migration assistant + survey + matching pledge opportunity! 🍄

Project Mushroom "help me leave Twitter" automated migration assistant + survey + matching pledge opportunity! 🍄

Huge news! Today we launched something we've been working on for weeks: An automated migration assistant to help you import your friends from Twitter and rebuild your social media networks on Project Mushroom.

For the moment, this tool is only for Kickstarter backers and our select group of majority-BIPOC Creator Council members — so we can spend a few more days refining it and make sure it's ready for everyone. But you can get access to this get-me-off-of-Twitter-but-bring-all-my-friends-with-me automated tool immediately by supporting our Kickstarter now!

Project Mushroom's waitlist has passed 30,000, and we're beginning to import folks into the space — 1,000 at a time. Our goal is to accelerate that pace and get everyone onboard by December 15. At that point, our plan is to open this tool widely to everyone, and encourage everyone to bring their friends to Project Mushroom.

Right now, there's definitely a group chat vibe on Project Mushroom, with only a few hundred people in the space while we're testing and building out all our features. Our goal by the end of the year is to maintain the groupchat feel but with 100,000+ people. We can have both. 🍰🍽️

From the very beginning, we've promised Project Mushroom to be a safe place on the internet — and this automated migration assistant is designed for you to share this space with your most trusted allies, friends, and colleagues that you want to change the world with. We are the only Twitter alternative (as far as I know) that has a team of paid moderators — and a commitment to racial, social, and climate justice. Our goal is to make migrating your entire social network from Twitter as easy, safe, and enjoyable as possible — and change the world in the process. 🍄🍄🍄

Project Mushroom Kickstarter Matching Fund

This week, members of Project Mushroom (including me!) pooled our own money into a matching fund — totaling $8,815.

That means, from now til Friday, all pledges to Project Mushroom's Kickstarter using this link will be doubled dollar-for-dollar:

Our goal is to hit $8,815 via this link by Friday to max out the matching fund — and keep us on pace to hit our target and make our shared vision of Project Mushroom a reality.

Project Mushroom survey

We've put together a quick five-question survey that will help us plan the future of Project Mushroom by knowing our community better. These are basic anonymous demographic questions, and they are completely optional, but they will help us get a better sense of who is here and who is most interested in Project Mushroom.

Thank you all for doing this work alongside us. 🍄

In solidarity,