Revealed: Our Project Mushroom sticker contest candidates!! πŸ„

Revealed: Our Project Mushroom sticker contest candidates!! πŸ„

We've done something amazing this week.

I got a little worried the other day β€” OK, terrified β€” that we were

Since then, y'all have truly come through. We've raised $45,000 for Project Mushroom's Kickstarter in just 48 hours β€” by far the most momentum since we launched.

And it's coming at the perfect time.

We have just six days left until the Kickstarter closes β€” and we want to make sure this project's funding for paid moderators, developers, trust & safety, are secure going into the holidays.

Most importantly, we want to build Project Mushroom in collaboration with you, not top-down like a billionaire would. And y'all are coming through with a hugely affirmative sign that Project Mushroom is the kind of thing that needs to exist in the world.

Today, we're announcing the candidates for our very first custom-designed sticker!! πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„

All Kickstarter backers that pledge $50+ will get a vote on one of these four sticker designs, custom-made for Project Mushroom by four BIPOC artists from around the world. (We've already paid the artists, and the vote link will go live once the Kickstarter ends!)

All Kickstarter backers that pledge $24+ will get one (1) official copy of the winning inaugural Project Mushroom sticker once we successfully complete the Kickstarter. πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„

Without further ado, here's the designs:

By pledging $50 into the Project Mushroom Kickstarter, you'll be able to vote on the sticker design of your choice β€” and not to mention, we'll be that much closer to co-creating a collectively-run resource for safety and transformational change on an overheating planet. πŸ„

There are 6 days left to support our Project Mushroom Kickstarter β€” and we need nearly $60,000 to reach our goal. It's true that if we don’t hit our goal of $200,000, according to Kickstarter rules, we’ll get $0 β€” and Project Mushroom will need to go back to the drawing board. That's a big challenge, but after this week I'm more convinced than ever that this community that we're building together is going to find a way to make sure it can exist.

We have so much good work to do together.

In solidarity,